Mulch in details

Decorative wood chips (colored mulch)

Mulch is used to protect the soil from erosion, retain moisture, fertilize the soil, and, as a rule, prevent weed growth. When using mulch, the roots of plants are not afraid of temperature changes, as it perfectly protects in frost, protects against fruit rot. Colored mulch is also a great decoration for a personal plot. Painted woodchips are successfully used in landscape design. It is an excellent decorative material.
Dyed mulch can serve as an excellent coating for park, walking, and sports paths. The paths covered with wood chips always remain clean, thanks to its properties of water permeability and dirt absorption.

  • It gives an aesthetic look and natural harmony to your landscape for a long time;
  • Eliminates dust, weeds, and soil weathering;
  • Protects the soil from drying out and excessive watering by retaining up to 85% of moisture;
  • Maintains a uniform soil temperature;
  • Maintains a stable color for several seasons, does not wash out;
  • Completely organic, safe for people, animals and the environment.

How to use:

Before laying:
Mark and prepare the area, remove branches, leaves, weeds. If necessary, apply the necessary fertilizers. Spread a non-woven material (agrofiber) as a substrate that is freely permeable to water. If desired, use borders, garden borders to delimit the areas with mulch and lawn. After laying the mulch in an even layer of 5-8 cm, let it dry.

After a while, the mulch layer can become compacted, loosen it with a rake, add a few centimeters of fresh mulch annually to enhance and even out the color intensity. With the onset of cold weather: Leave the decorative mulch on the soil to protect the plants from sudden changes in temperature.

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