Wood waste

«MalynWood Processing Complex» is a reliable and time-tested company that has established production of high-quality woodchips, mulch and supplies its products directly from the complex, which guarantees the customer to receive good quality goods without taking into account the extra charges of intermediary companies.

Among the many advantages of Malyn WPC products are environmental friendliness (the entire product range is made of natural wood) and high quality.

Malyn WPC produces high-quality process wood chips used in various production areas (cellulose , wood boards, forest chemicals, etc.) and fuel wood chips that are easily ignited and maintain the right temperature. This environmentally friendly product is supplied in bulk or in “bigs”.

The range of products the company offers for sale also includes chopped and packaged firewood from birch, oak and hornbeam, as well as tinder for making fires.

The company purchases the entire list of products required for production (waste wood, sawdust, firewood for industrial and non-industrial use) throughout the year at the best prices.

A large vehicle fleet allows us to organize timely removal of raw materials and delivery of products to customers.

The company’s head office is located at the following address: 11602, Zhytomyr region, Malyn, Nemanikhina str. 2.

The management of Malyn WPC emphasizes the pursuit of excellence in the production process, which leads to a significant improvement in the quality of products. The company has been successfully operating in the Ukrainian market since 2016.

«Malyn Wood Processing Complex» offers its services to both retail and wholesale customers.

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