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MalynWPC delivers wood chips by road, in bulk and in “runs”. Payment for products is made in bulk cubic meters, tons and solid cubes. The wood chips are shipped from the raw material processing sites in Kyiv, Kyiv region, Ukraine.

MalynWPC produces 2 types of wood chips: fuel woodchips and process woodchips. Fuel wood chips are used for combustion in an environmentally friendly environment; they do not emit any unpleasant odors or smoke during combustion. Technological chips are used in various places – both for soil layering and decorative coating of any flat and hard surface. The use does not involve the possibility of burning wood chips and is widely used in agriculture for both decorative purposes and soil fertilization.

Our wood chips are freshly harvested from trees, usually on the same day as the process of loading onto trucks for delivery in Kyiv or another city of Ukraine. Fuel wood chips will smell like whatever tree was used to produce it. It will contain a lot of moisture, which will gradually evaporate. The temperature in the back of the truck during transportation can be quite high.

Wood chips are any top layer that you can add on top of the soil. The main feature of different types of wood chips is that these wood chips are untreated, unpainted and freshly cut from a tree. Buying fuel wood chips from our company is the right decision, as they undergo extensive processing to make them uniform in size and color. Please keep in mind that there are no guarantees regarding the quality of wood chips, as they come from different trees or bushes. The pile may contain a small log or pine needles. The type of wood chips depends on the trees our specialists worked on that day, so it can be different.

MalynWPC offers environmentally friendly, locally collected wood chips and wood chips that are not only recyclable but also recyclable. Wood in the form of wood chips or wood chips offers a number of benefits for home landscaping, professional landscaping and other environments such as parks and schools, among others:
– Enriches the soil with important nutrients
– Helps soil retain moisture and nutrients
– Protects tree trunks and plant stems from mower and weed damage
– Reduces soil erosion and cracking
– Inhibits weed growth

Woodchips are safe, environmentally friendly ground cover and are suitable for a wide range of environments, such as
– Residential landscaping
– Office landscaping
– Parks
– Playgrounds
– Schools and universities

Wood chips buy in Kyiv Ukraine

Malyn WPC offers woodchips at affordable prices with delivery in Ukraine directly to your home or construction site at an inexpensive price.

Buying wood chips in Kyiv is a good solution, as they are ideal for many applications: from garden paths, flower beds and garden borders to surfaces of playgrounds and chicken coops or chicken houses. Wood chips are a habitat and food source for soil organisms, they feed plants, slowly release nutrients into the soil and save water. In addition, wood chips are a cost-effective yet aesthetically interesting addition to any outdoor space. The price of wood chips Kyiv in Malyns WPC is the lowest in Ukraine among competitive companies.

If you want to buy wood chips (fuel chips) in Kyiv wholesale and retail or want to inquire about the available quantity, please call us at +38(098)098-22-89, or visit our contact page and fill out the feedback form on the website, and our specialists will contact you.

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